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His compatriots forgot him in space. A long dreamless cryogenic night was fortunately with him to make him wait some 300 years

An autonomous system with artificial intelligence ends up establishing his return on his native Earth, after a destructive fungal pandemic degrading humankind in scraps.

It’s an earthling, he’s at home and he will survive! Or not… Armed with his protocolar pouch brief of the UASA (pronounce “WAZA”) and his 80’s scout formation, he will adapt or fade away in the dust of his Mother-Earth…

– Green your environment, plant trees, heal damaged nature to bring back biodiversity to be able to survive!

– Explore an open-world without loading!
– Grow crops and raise animals!
– More than 220 craftings and items!
– Night and day cycle
– A visual and seasonal environment that changes depending on your progression!
– Save your progression whenever and wherever you want!
– No connection required and no in-app purchases!