Great Fleet Battles – Admiral

Great Fleet Battles - Admiral

Great Fleet Battles – Admiral

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Product Description

These are some of the comments for the most addicting Battleship game on Android – it’s prettier, more strategic and a lot more exciting!

– Fire up to seven blasts at once – the bigger your ship, the bigger the bang!
– Use the bomber to sink enemy vessels with a single hit
– Find your targets with the submarine’s sonar
– Play a single player campaign or challenge the AI or a friend on the instant battle mode
– Beef up your fleet using fleet stars (no real money involved)
– Many play modes, including a classic Battleship mode
– Cool 3D ship models and blasting sound effects

The Admiral’s Edition includes these features:
– Multiplayer over Bluetooth
– An additional campaign
– A new ship
– No Ads!

Faster, more strategic, a lot more exciting – you will never think about Battleship the old way!