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Find out how easy and rewarding it can be to tune your own rides with ForzaTune. Create tunes that match the car, road and your personal driving style in minutes instead of hours. Trusted by Forza Players since 2009.

This tuning calculator includes support for both Forza Horizon 4 and Forza Motorsport 7.

You also get:
• Plenty of tuning options including standard (dry), drift, drag, rain, rally, and off-road.
• Aero recommendations tailored to each track in Forza 7.
• Gearing a calculator to keep your car in the power band when you make big upgrades.
• Ability to quickly save, search and update tunes for other tracks or build types.
• Flexible support for metric and imperial units.
• Free tutorial videos and links to our driver training programs.

What makes a great tune?
A great tune matches the car, driving surface and driver. This tuning calculator lets you handle all three.

How does this app create tunes?
Imagine having a personal race engineer. You tell him a little about your car, and he does all the math to get you a solid setup. ForzaTune is like that only in app form. We combine real physics formulas with our vehicle and track/surface database to get you more accurate results instantly.

You also have a powerful tune customization option. Tap the red button on the results screen to make the tune more stable or aggressive.

Say goodbye to those simple, one-size-fits-all formulas you see online.

Download ForzaTune 7 to make better tunes faster.

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