Fate of an Empire

Fate of an Empire

Fate of an Empire

Peter Norberg
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Product Description

Fate of an Empire is a deep and compelling turn based 4x strategy game with custom troop designs, advanced combat between massive armies, a well-developed technology tree and unlimited possibilities.

Are you prepared to take control of your own fate?

The world of Fate of an Empire consists of two levels: the Surface and the Netherworld. You are invited to roam the wild forests as the secretive Elves or dominate the green plains as the scary Humans. Inhabit the huge underworld caves of the Netherworld and take control of the rampaging Greenskins, the swarming Krant or the feared and hated unliving Ende. If you can’t choose, play as the rich Dwarves which fear neither the open sky nor the darkness below.

Select your strategy

Fate of an Empire allows you to create and manage your own empire. Decide which race to play and what beliefs to follow and create your own story. What strategy to pursue, what your civilization will look like, what kind of troops will defend your borders, all this and more is up to you to decide. Unless your neighbors make the decision for you…