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Product Description

Fa Music Player Plus (Premium Version) recommends dynamic and personalized playlists.

It has an awesome user interface that attracts the user and it feels good when the user operates. It supports almost all types of audio file formats. You can easily play a song from your playlist or folder or album or artist or you can also make your own playlist and play tracks from it.

It has 5 band equalizer with pre-defined presets .you can also make your own presets and save.

A direct exit option is also available this feature is available in few players. Easily set any song as your default ringtone. Tag editor can edit and rename your tracks very easily

Quick search all music files within the app. Enhanced folder view of all music files.

Click more option in the right corner of the tracks and you can find the below options

Add to playlist
Add to queue
Tag edit
Play Next or Up Next
Set as ringtone

Intuitive user interface combined with the crisp and very attractive layouts will provide the best user experience ever. Finally, Fa music player plus is a paid music player used with the local music files.

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