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Product Description

EZ Notes is your Lightning Fast and Extremely Convenient Voice Note Taking App for Ultimate Mobility anywhere ❢

EZ Notes sets new standards for convenience; our greatest Edge for daily Mobility is that your spoken Voice Notes Pop-Up INSTANTLY without initial editing hindrance. We combine outstanding innovation with non-bloated (one-touch) interfaces to Boost Productivity, while delivering the Ultimate Hands-Free Experience ❢

Set EZ Reminders, Share Spoken & Sketched ideas, and set Priority Colors for Enhanced Organizing. EZ Notes delivers many other conveniences: EZ To-Do Cards (New), EZ Archival, EZ Undo, EZ Cloud Functions, EZ Search, EZ Sketch (S-Pen support), EZ Export, and more ❢

“EZ Notes” is an Award Winning App

✦ Editors’ Choice Award for:
Practicality, User-Friendliness and Mobility — “ITworld”


✦ Editors’ Choice Award for:
App of the Week — “TechDissected”

Our App ships loaded with Benefits ❢

• EZ Notes Pop-Up & Save “hands-free” on-the-go

• EZ Notes Hybrid data entry: Type, Voice, S-pen

• EZ Notes makes Shopping lists truly a Breeze

• EZ Notes delivers a Powerful EZ To-Do Cards
function for easily creating, arranging, editing
and sharing To-Do’s (Organized as Groups) ❢

• EZ Notes S-Pen Application (“EZ Sketch”) is
a Powerful tool for Sketching colored Notes ❢
[Courtesy “Markers” Open Source Project,
links in “About” section of App]

• EZ Notes delivers a customized EZ Editor with
smooth FLING Gestures for automatic scrolling
of long Notes. Plus we deliver our outstanding
Voice Transcription + Text Listening functions
in our editor, enabling more voice Notes ❢

• EZ Notes has Excellent Cross-App sharing ❢

• EZ Notes is Non-invasive ❢ It does not track
anything such as: Your Searches, Browsing
Activity, Content Browsed by Apps, Information
from your Device (like Contacts, Apps, Music),
nor Track Location (creating a private map of
where you go with your device every day)

• Email solution for backup NOT Cloud Sync ❢
This way, NO ONE can collect your private
Data and sell / disclose your life for profit.
This also saves battery life and eliminates
online data hacking

• EZ Notes delivers Swift Swipe Gestures

• EZ Notes delivers an automatic StackWidget

• EZ Notes delivers Google Cloud Print support

• EZ Notes delivers Text-to-Speech Read Aloud

• EZ Notes Sound-Toggle Switches Audio On/Off

• EZ Notes easily Shares Notes & Color Sketches

• EZ Notes sets Calendar Reminders+Notifications

• EZ Notes Automatically Archives Notes on Swipe

• EZ Notes provides Auto Recovery + Identification

• EZ Notes Rapidly Searches Title tags & Priority Colors ❢

• EZ Notes is super in mobile situations, trips, school etc.

• EZ Notes is the Fastest “On-the-Go” daily Time Saver ❢

• EZ Notes is Extremely Efficient on Resources ❢

• EZ Notes “Context Menu” offers great Web Functions ❢

• EZ Notes helps Medical Staff save Time & Hassle

• EZ Notes has Zero Annoying in-app Purchases

• EZ Notes has Zero Annoying Advertisements
“FREE” Apps have “Hidden” Costs ❢ (see below)

Developed in Beautiful USA
EZ Notes is Utilized and Enjoyed by
World-Wide customers from all walks
and backgrounds of life

Our App provides an FAQs menu option.
We also provide a Facebook help Group:
✔ More Tips & Information are provided here:

👌(͡• ͜ʖ ͡•) “EZ Notes” provides a Menu Option for Sharing our App. We also appreciate Feedback and encouraging STARS for our App, so it can help others achieve Ultimate Mobility. Thanks ❤