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Alexander Madani
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Product Description

EZ Notes is an Ultimate Mobility voice notes organizer for taking rich colorful notes. Enjoy this handy daily companion notes app, offering an easy, practical, and noninvasive note taking design. EZ Notes is a privacy-respecting notes app, with zero ads, zero data collection, and zero intrusive behaviors symptomatic of mainstream “free” note-taking organizers. Users love the (hands-free) “pop-up” voice features, that automatically transcribe and save your voice notes while you’re on-the-go!

Note-taking highlights of EZ Notes
• Enjoy “hands-free” auto-saving voice notes
• notes app with clean interfaces for note-taking
• swipe to automatically delete, archive & recover
• voice notes, to-do notes, rich text & S-pen notes
• EZ notes on news, web, work, and school notes
• notes are searched for quickly. Folders to organize
• notes auto-archive + short & long-term recovery
• EZ notes is a completely non-invasive notes app
• camera, microphone, contacts, GPS not abused
• EZ notes are slim & efficient, preserving resources

Notes sharing is super easy in EZ Notes
• notes sharing, backup, and transfer via “EZ Export”
• S-pen notes courtesy of “Markers” by Daniel Sandler

EZ Notes common note-taking uses
• weekly to-do lists via grid-view notes
• scheduling via calendar reminder notes
• notes on events, wedding notes, party notes
• voice notes are excellent for hands-free notes
• lecture notes, diagram notes, diary notes
• homework notes, class notes, exam notes
• EZ Notes has no sign-ups, no sign-ins, no hassles
• EZ Notes has zero ads, zero spyware, zero BS.