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Dragon Spear is a traditional side-scrolling action RPG.
Save the world from the invasion of nightmares that come from the abyss.
You can create new equipment using materials acquired from nightmares.
All equipment has a unique appearance. Show off your hero with gorgeous and cool equipment.
As you grow your hero, you can learn new skills.
Grow your hero and fight against powerful nightmares.
You can acquire a pet friend that helps your hero through nightmare hunting.

Game features:
▶ Stylish Action RPG
Enjoy a real side-scrolling action RPG game.

▶ Various Occupations
There are six occupations: Knight, Swordsman, Fighter, Assassin, Gunner, and Wizard. Experience various play styles.

▶ Resource Sharing
Heroes share important resources and items through a bag.

▶ Equipment
Collect the best weapons, equipment, and runes among thousands of items to create your own powerful hero.

▶ Freely Customizable Appearance
You can freely change the appearance of equipment in the fashion store.

▶ Powerful Bosses with Various Patterns
Prepare for battle with powerful bosses with various patterns.

▶ Equipment Crafting System
Collect powerful set equipment and cool appearance equipment. Try crafting them at the forge with materials obtained from the abyss.

▶ Supported Languages
Korean, English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

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