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Coloring For Kids

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Product Description

“Coloring For Kids” is an educational application (for both tablets and phones) for learning to draw and color, designed for kids and children with special needs.
Now it’s available in the following languages: English / French / German / Spanish / Danish / Italian.

There are more of 90 funny coloring pages that you can choose from different categories: animals, flowers, houses, cartoons, monsters, numbers, alphabetic letters, and geometric shapes.

The finished drawing can be saved in the gallery of the device to be stored, or printed.
The App only requires files Storage Permissions to save completed drawings.

No Advertising, No In-App Purchase and does not require an Internet connection.

The Graphical Interface includes several drawing tools that are intuitive and very easy to use:
– Colors Palette: on the top of the screen, to select a predefined color.
– Color Picker: button on the toolbar on the bottom of the screen, to select a custom color.
– Paintbrush: button on the toolbar, for freehand coloring and painting.
– Paint Bucket: button on the toolbar, to fill areas of the drawing.
– Erase Tool: button on the toolbar.
– Zoom and Pan functionality: buttons on the toolbar, to see and paint an area in detail.
– Undo function: button on the toolbar, to cancel the last action.
– Save function: button on the toolbar, to save the status of the draw on the gallery of the device.
– Trash: button on the toolbar, to cancel the work in progress and start a new drawing.

A Free (demo) version for evaluation is also available on Google Play: Coloring For Kids Free