Central for DayZ – Pro Unlocker

Central for DayZ - Pro Unlocker

Central for DayZ – Pro Unlocker

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Product Description

It unlocks the following:

Loot and Building locations – Including:

Coast – Boat Houses, Boats and Shipwreck
Crash Sites – Helicopters and Police Cars
Industrial – Construction Sites, Fuel Stations, and Garages
Landmarks – Castles, Churches, Dams, Lighthouses, Radio Towers and Water Towers
Medical – Health Centers and Hospitals
Military – ATC Towers, Barracks, Fire Stations, Guard Houses, Police Stations, Prisons, Towers and Various Military
Misc – Planks, Player Spawns, and Wolf Spawns
Rural – Farms, Deer Stands and Feed Shacks
Urban – Offices, Piano Houses, Pubs, Schools and Supermarkets
Vehicles – 4×4 Ada, Gunter 2 and Olga 24
Water Sources – Pumps and Ponds

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