Blaze for Twitter Pro

Blaze for Twitter Pro

Blaze for Twitter Pro

Skyleaf Digital Studio
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Product Description

Blaze for Twitter is the best designed Twitter Client available. We’ve included lots of colours, great user experience, beautiful animations and everything revolves around a smooth fluid design. This is your Twitter Client and as such you can customise it to be your own.

You can get the free version: or enjoy an add free experience using the this verison.


* Multiple Layouts– four exceptional layouts to choose from –
1. Full View- The best looking design of them all and includes full sized images.
2. Medium View- A classy design with fast loading medium sized images.
3. Thumbnail View- A very compact view that loads preview thumbnails. Great for lots of feeds or slow networks.
4. Text Only View- Want to completely disable Images from Timeline, this layout is for you.

* Multiple Twitter Accounts- Switch seamlessly between accounts by a simple swipe from the edge.

* Notification- Notifications are all about direct messages and mentions but only when you’re free, so no overhead on your device’s processors and battery life during a background sync.

* Mutes- Mute hashtags, mentions, users and retweets.

* Colour Themes- Includes options for both dark and light themes.

* Conversations- Full conversations of any tweet. From ‘In reply to’ tweets to the replies of the tweet itself, all in one place.

* URL Shortening- support for URL shortening.

* Streaming- Stream tweets for all the accounts you have logged in.

* Emojis everywhere- Beautiful and colourful emojis all over the app. More than 800 colourful emojis available to send and display.

* Auto-complete- Auto-complete for mentions, hashtags, trends, and recent searches.

* Twitlonger and Twishort services supported- Send tweets with no character limits anymore by Twitlonger or Twishort services. Automatically displays long tweets from these services.

* Pull To refresh.

* Multi Image support- Displays a list of images associated with the tweet.

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