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Product Description

BabyMagica is a game with colorful graphics, the animated animals, and cheerful children’s music. The application includes 3 mini-games.

🐹 In the game “Little Squirrel” it is necessary to help a little squirrel and a hedgehog to gather nutlets and mushrooms and also to decorate a clearing with flowers.

🌞 In the game “Happy Sun” under fervent music it is possible to burst fluffy clouds, finding various prizes, animals; to treat the sun with sweets and fruit, to dress up and think out to it different images; to launch a salute into the night sky and to collect constellations – puzzles.

🚂 In the game “Train for Animals,” it is necessary to transport all animals on stations, eliminating obstacles in the way. The train can change colors, hoot in a whistle, and start-up multi-colored smoke. And with each animal at the station, it is possible to play: the hedgehog can gather musical apples; the greyish hare to gnaw carrot and to giggle cheerfully; boar catches acorns in a bag; the elephant to start up confetti and huge spheres; the monkey to blow soap bubbles; the cat to purr; the young fox to dance, the dog to catch a bone, the crocodile to play a ball and so forth.


The game will be interesting both to boys, and girls aged from 2 up to 5 years. Each child will find in her for himself a lot of fascinating and interesting.

Game is calculated on independent research by the child of the game world. She contributes to the development of creative abilities, the interest of the child in nature, animals and the world, and also the development of ingenuity, memory, attention, thinking, reaction, and also a sense of humor.

Parents can have a rest or go about their own business and to be sure that a game is safe for the child. In her there is no advertising and any additional purchases, there are no transitions to the websites, social networks, and so forth.


• a game is designed for children aged from 2 up to 5 years.
• intuitively simple management, – contact with one finger. It will be ideal for the kid!
• mini-games aren’t limited on time and have no account, points and so forth everything will be clear to the Child!
• the interactivity of characters, responsiveness, and realness of the game world contributes to the development of the imagination of the child, curiosity, sense of humor.
• a game gives the chance to the child to invent the story on the game course.
• we regularly update the application and we add new content to mini-games. The child will be able to come back again and again to a game, always opening for himself something brand new.
• a game is got once and has no additional purchases.
• we carefully watch stability of operation of the application, quality of a game.