Alice Beyond Wonderland

Alice Beyond Wonderland

Alice Beyond Wonderland

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Product Description

Discover and solve the extraordinary mysteries from the magical kingdoms beyond the incredible Wonderland, Find where the evil red queen banished your friends, gather clues about their whereabouts, and solve multiple puzzles to rescue them once and for all to get them back to their home in Wonderland.

-Beautiful handcrafted high-resolution graphics.
-Many cleverly designed addictive puzzles.
-Hundreds of environments to discover and explore.
-A perfect blend between classic and original puzzles.
-A unique fantasy story.
-Hours of addictive gameplay.
-Interactive map with fast travel between scenes.
-In-Game hints guide, multiple languages, and more.

Plot: You wake up in your quiet little apartment on the outskirts of London after a strange dream in which, despite your efforts, you could not rescue your friends from the hands of the evil red queen, you calm down for a moment realizing that maybe it was just that, a bad dream.

So, you decide that with the time on your side you will embark on a new adventure in which once and for all you will rescue your friends to get them back to their home in The Wonderful Wonderland.