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Baby alphabet learning games for toddlers age 3 – unique method of learning letters for kids! Learn letters and sounds for kindergarten in free puzzle games for kids with joyful characters! Your kid will catch living letters and puts them together into words. There is also a construction kit of several parts, a puzzle which can be assembled into a picture that depicts the given word. As soon as the puzzle is ready, the picture comes miraculously to life! 🎁👶

📚 The animated, joyful letters in boxes will help your child to learn the alphabet and to read more than 100 different words! There are two learning modes to learn abc and letter sounds: reading by syllables and reading by letters.

✍ In this child development app there is a serious approach to teaching hidden inside of a humorous and entertaining game. Your child will love all those funny animated letters, amusing animations and exciting puzzles for toddlers free, which will teach it the alphabet and help your child to learn reading.

While playing with the letters, your kid will easily learn the names of the letters and the correspondent sounds, it will successfully read his first words and learn to write all letters of the alphabet and also train his fine motor skills…

📌 “”Baby ABC for kids Learn alphabet for toddlers!”” is:

🔵 26 animated letters for children (learning letters for kids)!
🔵 100 words to learn to read!
🔵 a two-in-one: learn the letters and learn to read!
🔵 100 cool puzzle games for kids!
🔵 learning games for toddlers age 3 train and develops fine motor skills;
🔵 a funny talking english alphabet for kids: learning abc sounds
🔵 letters and the whole alphabet for kids with spelling sounds
🔵 Learning the alphabet in two learning modes: read by letters, read by sounds
🔵 Original animated puzzle games for toddlers!
🔵 Learning abcd for kids!
🔵 Development of attention and imagination!
🔵 Parental control and ads-free.