Getting your application or game noticed in an increasingly growing smartphone market is vital for it to succeed. Plenty of applications and games never live up to their true potential simply because they were marketed properly and put in a place where people can find them.

More and more mobile developers are resorting to keyword stuffing the name and description of their software and that looks awful on both sides of the fence. This is where Play Store Sales comes in as it has a dedicated community of people who want nothing more than to find new applications and games to use.

Naturally, the readers here are looking for something of value, but more often than not they are simply looking for something new to get their hands on. Over a thousand people visit Play Store Sales each and every day and there’s no better place to get your app or game in front of the eyes of people are actively looking for something new.

As the site grows, I’ll be putting an automated system into place for those who are wanting to purchase a banner ad. For now though, it will be best for you to send me a message about how you’re wanting to promote your application or game.

My direct email is contact [at], or you can simply use the contact form below. Just be sure to include a link I can see Android application or game (or even a product) that you’re looking to promote.

I’ll be able to provide details on the price, length of the ad and even traffic details for those who are interested. Pricing will go up as traffic increases so the quicker we get something setup with a locked in price the better it will be for your return on investment.