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Product Description

Word Mania is an original high scores word search game with a new and refreshed gameplay, 3 game modes, over 170K words to be found and the possibility to submit your score! Can you make it into TOP20?

Challenge people all around the world to see who is the best!

Play Challenge mode and try to create as many words as you can from the provided letters – use all the letters on the board to progress to the next level and watch out for the time limit!

In the Time Attack and Fast Game, you have exactly 120 seconds to create as many words as you can, in Time Attack perform combos to get extra seconds! Go for high scores!

*** Features ***

* Addicting word search game for all ages
* Thousands of hidden words
* Global leaderboards – compare your score with people from all around the world
* Each game is different
* Learn new words and vocabulary in an entertaining way

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