Weird Park 3: The Final Show

Weird Park 3: The Final Show

Weird Park 3: The Final Show

Alawar Entertainment, Inc.
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Product Description

The curtain closes on the Weird Park saga, plunging players into a mystical world full of hidden object locations, secrets, and mysteries, as well as quests and interesting funny puzzles for adults, adolescents and children in this shocking third chapter of hidden object adventures!

Bright lights lit a worn sign over the gates of the Mysterious Park …
Mr. Deadley’s gloomy prison is always ready to accept new captives …
Take the role of an investigative reporter to find a disappeared child! Make a step into the dangers of a whimsical, mysterious world in which everything is subject to the will and wishes of the evil Mr. Deadley. Discover and explore this fairytale unique hidden object story gameplay and have a lot of fun!
Help Patrick break out of the trap set by a twisted imagination of Mr. Deadley on all hidden object locations! Finding items in this game is very interesting and funny! Solve all the puzzles and find all items and the clues as you explore strange worlds that defy everything you believe! No one, but you can cope with such an interesting and exciting search for hidden objects! Find all carefully hidden objects and items, solve all the puzzles, go through all the intricate mini-games, logical puzzles and quests, open up a bunch of secrets and mysts to bring the kidnapped boy Patrick home.
Show everyone who is a true detective!

Most important of all: the fate of Louis the Clown is in your hands… What will it be? – it’s you who decides! Find objects and don’t miss this epic stunning final of the Weird Park trilogy!
Experience all the dangers and difficulties of this fun fairytale adventure in this perfect hidden object story game!

One of the best hidden object story game “Mysterious Park” is glad to offer you:

Game features:

• 45 mystical and dangerous locations!
• 4 eye-catching worlds!
• 13 highly animated characters!
• 19 hidden object scenes to enjoy!
• 34 exciting mini-games to solve!
• Improve your concentration and focus
• Help you revise vocabulary
• Nice and pretty HD graphics!
• Embracing music and sound!
• Play on all kind of mobile phones or tablets
• No Wi-Fi or internet connection required – play where and when you want!
• Supported languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian

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