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Feasts and celebrations according to the General Calendar and the local calendars of the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, Ireland, and others. Features “About Today” pages giving more information about the saint of the day.

Full Universalis content for every day of every year, forever:
– Readings at Mass, with a choice between the Jerusalem Bible/Grail and the NAB translations.
– the Mass Today page, combining the daily Mass readings with the Order of Mass.
– the Liturgy of the Hours: Morning Prayer, the three daytime hours, Evening Prayer, Night Prayer, and the Office of Readings.

This is the same content as in Universalis on Windows, Mac, and iOS.

You can purchase or subscribe to audio for Night Prayer (Sung Latin Compline), Morning and Evening Prayer (spoken in English), the Gospel of the day (Jerusalem Bible, spoken in English), or the daytime Hours (Terce, Sext, None) spoken in Latin.