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Discover the luminous world of the Tarot Illuminati. A complete Tarot card reading and Tarot learning application featuring Erik C. Dunne’s brilliant artwork and Kim Huggen’s illuminating words. An app that is simple enough for a beginner to start learning and reading the Tarot, but sophisticated enough to delight experienced Tarot pros.

Voted Tarot Deck of the Year & Tarot Art of the Year (for The High Priestess), Tarosophist Awards 2013, Tarot Professionals.

Voted Outstanding Tarot Deck, Outstanding Tarot Artist (Erik C. Dunne), & Outstanding Collaboration for a Tarot Deck (Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggens), 4th Annual PECTO Awards, 2013, The Academy of Cartomancy Arts & Science.

~ Focus on the issue that concerns you. Shuffle, and then select the Tarot cards you’re drawn to. You will receive a wise message that will help you bring light to your shadows, get clear about your issue, find peace, and be guided forward. Whether your wondering about love, money, career, family, or just about living a more fulfilling life, the Tarot Illuminati can help you! ~

“In the Tarot Illuminati every detail is meaningful, each scene a rich and sumptuous tapestry of colour, action, expressions and nature. It floods the senses with the essence of each card so that the associated meanings or concepts are almost tangible. The style of artwork also invites you to interact with the cards as if they were friends or allies, enemies and strangers, family members and professional associates: these cards represent real-world, human emotions, problems, fears, hopes and actions, and we must therefore be able to relate to them on a personal level. Every card of the Tarot Illuminati speaks to you, as if you had just walked into its world, and offers you its hand to draw you into its mysteries, so that not only might you read the cards, but you also might gain revelation of your self.”

– Kim Huggens, from the Tarot Illuminati companion book.


– Intuitive, easy to use interface. Do your own Tarot readings or learn about the cards in-depth.

– “Using the Tarot” guide for beginners.

– 16 ready to use Tarot spreads. Layouts for all kind of questions. Includes four spreads especially for the Tarot Illuminati, designed by Kim Huggens, and classic spreads like the popular Celtic Cross and Horseshoe Spreads.

– Gorgeous, high-resolution images of all 78 Tarot cards. Zoom in to see details.

– Card interpretations written by Kim Huggens from the Tarot Illuminati companion book.

– Save your readings including your own notes.

– Add your own interpretations and notes to every Tarot card. Perfect for in-depth Tarot study.

– Detailed card browsing. Learn what the number, suit, and element of each card mean.

– Card of the Day home screen widget.

– Reversed Tarot cards option.

– Major suits only option.

– Share your reading through email, Facebook, Instagram and many other applications.

– Option to have animated shuffling and card selection.

– Seven gorgeous high resolution backgrounds. Make the application look just the way you want.

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