Tabata Timer

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Product Description

Perfect timing for all situations of daily (sport) life with this tabata timer app!


* Create Timer with different phases:
* Warm Up
* Workout
* Pause
* Rest time
* Cool-Down phase
* Select for each phase a separate alarm
* Choose your own music as a background during training
* Plan your workouts with calendar entries
* All completed workouts can be visualized in the calendar
* Timer running in the background (screen off), to reduce accu consumption
* Real-time alerts for lock screen and status bar
* Audio / Vibrations / Voice Feedback: the view of the smartphone is not necessary
* Create your own timers, save and use these again and again
* Determine sets of workout and pause phases and how often you want to repeat this
* Display of total time and remaining time
* Speech output of completed sets or to the respective phases of the workout
* No ads, no unnecessary permissions

The Tabata Timer Pro app is more than just a stopwatch. Whether you workout in yoga and meditation exercises or learning: Define multiple timers on your smartphone, store them and use them again and again. Define your time intervals (preparation, workout, pause) itself and showcase your custom workout together.

Use this sport timer app in addition for your training in the gym with weights, kettlebells, for spinning, jumping jacks or for many other fitness activities! Perfect for sport like Interval Training, Boxing, Martial Arts, Crossfit, Freeletics, HIIT, MMA, Tabata, Cycling, Running, Weightlifting and much more!

The countdown is running!

*** Please note ***
Permission “Photos / Media / Files” is necessary to load your own sound files.
Permission “Device ID / Call-Info” is necessary to pause your training during a call.

Please use Google TTS for an optimal voice experience.