Super Space Shooter

Super Space Shooter

Super Space Shooter

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Product Description

Welcome Space Cadet,

We have received top-secret information about a new solar system showing signs of hostile alien life forms.

Your mission is to explore these new worlds and eliminate these pesky aliens into oblivion!

So pick your spaceship and buckle up! It is going to get tough out there if you’re trying to rise up through the ranks!

There are not many pilots left up to this task. The invaders are multiplying. There’s no time.

Good luck!

Super Space Shooter is a modern 8-bit Shooter, bringing 8-bit to the third dimension.

Unlock and choose from 20+ distinctive spaceships to fight with. Unlock and explore 6 unique planets each with its own leaderboard and aliens to invade.

Its Humanities turn to be the invader, earn your stripes and collect all 20 medals! Fight the increasingly difficult waves of invaders and don’t let their perplexing attack patterns dazzle you!

Stay in the fight long enough and you just might see a glimpse of their mothership. Shoot it down for bonus points!


– No ads
– High-quality visuals
– 3D Voxel Re-imagined designs
– Simple and intuitive controls
– HD Graphics
– Super power-ups
– 6 unique Planets + Each with its own leaderboard
– 6 MotherShips
– 36+ Aliens
– 20+ Spaceships to invade with
– 20 Medals
– Original Music from ASH, the Artist