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Product Description

Whether you have access to some exercise equipment or just your body weight, Stark Fitness helps you get in shape, and to build muscle and strength.
Choose one of the ready-made workout programs, or build your own using a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Filter exercises by muscle group and equipment. Stark Fitness contains over 700 exercises in the categories Bodyweight, Barbell, Dumbbell, TRX/Suspension, Kettlebell, Gym Ball, Rip, Vipr, Bosu Ball, Resistance Band, Medicine Ball, Bulgarian Bag and Gym Machines. All exercises have a video where a professional trainer shows you how to perform the exercise with the correct form. In addition to strength exercises, there are also instructions for stretch and warm-up routines as well as Foam Roller exercises for recovery.

Start a workout, follow the instructional videos and try to keep up with the pace.
For each session, you can configure the timer according to your own goals. Choose between Standard, Tabata, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) or circle training settings.

Standard: Select time or number of repetitions, length of rest, and number of sets.

Tabata: The time is locked to 20 seconds active and 10 seconds rest; select the number of rounds.

HIIT: Select active time, rest time, and number of rounds.

Circle: Select time or number of reps, rest intervals, and number of rounds.