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Product Description

Play on points against other people from all around the world or just train your spelling skills in a practice mode. Play as a single player or in a multiplayer mode (1-5 players playing against each other on the same device)!

✓ Thousands of most misspelled English words – sharpen your spelling skills!
✓ No ads & no In-app purchases – enjoy the best gameplay experience
✓ Fast & offline – all the games are already included and can be played offline (no waiting times to load the game). You need to be online only in case you want to submit your points.
✓ Global leaderboards – submit your score to a global leaderboard and challenge people from all around the world!
✓ Single & Multiplayer mode – play against up to 5 people on a single device!
✓ Stats – track your overall progress and stats for each game mode.


* One word 2 forms – decide which word is correct
* Find Misspelled – find the misspelled word
* Find Correct – find the correct word
* Which Letter.. – train your memory
* Decide – true or false
* Decide & Correct
* Multiple Choice
* Practice – no lives, no time limit