Sizzle & Stew

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Product Description

Join friends Sizzle & Stew in the kitchen and see what mess you can create!

Ever fancied putting a donut through the washing machine? No prob Llama! Wished you could shrink your food or make that meal explode into tiny pieces? Totally Sloth-some! Dreamt of eating using a fishing rod or hairdryer? Well, now you can try it!

Better together: play in two-player split-screen mode with your friends and family. Will you share your meal or have a food fight? Our physics-driven, open-ended, sandbox gameplay encourages you to explore silly creations; we really do want you to play with your food!

An experiment in the kitchen as you explore all the gadgets on offer – some unlike you’ve ever seen before in a kitchen! Once the food is served, dress up to impress for dinner. With an abundance of accessories to choose from, you’re sure to make Sizzle & Stew look a treat!

– Two-player split-screen, collaborative play ideal for families
– Prepare your meal with a variety of appliances and tools
– Full of hidden surprises, tasty ingredients, and fun costumes
– No goals or objectives, just free play your way!
– Child friendly: no in-app purchases or third-party advertising
– Play anywhere: no Internet or WiFi required