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Product Description

Rocket Mouse is an authentic early learning app with an emphasis on illustrations, fun, and play. French-designer Sofie has created beautiful paintings and illustrations for the game. Learn colors, shapes, numbers, recognize and memorize patterns and learn parts of the body by touching and dragging objects.

Rocket Mouse and his friends engage your little one into preparing a big party. Together they will build a rocket, count balloons, fly a rocket in space to catch shapes, match colors, play dress up, solve puzzles, find missing pieces in a pattern and even jump from planet to planet.

The app was designed by parents for the 3-6 preschool age group. The app has quality English and French voices, switch between them and go bilingual!

Some of the fun and educational activities you can do in this app:

✔ Includes 9 quality game activities with beautiful hand-painted graphics and funny sounds.

✔ Play fun counting games: Improve your child’s early maths and logic skills by finding numbers in space, matching numbered balloons, and jumping from planets to planets!

✔ Learn colors: Match shapes and balloons by color through fun animations and unique sounds. Follow the guided instructions in English and French

✔ Dress up game: Learn parts of the body by wearing underpants, dungarees, and accessories

✔ Colour the scene: Have fun coloring a black and white drawing and put life into the party and develop hand-eye coordination

✔ Memorize and recognize patterns based on shapes and colors to increase your child memory capacity and encourage creativity

✔ Learn the sounds of English and French words and numbers 1-10 with quality voices.

✔ Enjoy rewarding praise and great sound effects to encourage kids.