Quick Arc Launcher

Quick Arc Launcher

Quick Arc Launcher

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Product Description

✓ A sub-launcher allowing apps and shortcuts instantly launched by one swipe(slide)
✓ The launcher is displayed in a fan shape fit for your thumb and good for one hand-holders
✓ Settings like the diameter of the fan, the width of the fan, transparency of background can be adjusted in detail
✓ By using the page feed function, apps can be launched quickly even when many are registered
✓ Light and simple

It is recommended for people who handle smartphones by one hand such as businessmen who will switch through many apps and housewives which have one hand full very often.

● For those who use Android 6.0
Please allow this application from [Settings] – [Apps] – [Settings] button – [Draw over other apps].
(The wording of the menu may be different depending on the smartphone)

[Main functions and setting]
“Start area setting”
“Radius setting”
“Fan area setting”
“Size and position of icon”
“Set background as semi-transparent”
”Page Feed Function”: Please refer below for instruction for usage.
1. Press the “Page Feed” button in the “Edit List” and enter in the delimited part of the page feed.
2. Page can be turned by swiping to the “Page Feed Icon” on the launcher.