Pororo to the Cookie Castle

Pororo to the Cookie Castle

Pororo to the Cookie Castle

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Product Description

‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’ E-Book + Movie (VOD) mobile app launch !!
Books, games, videos at a time ‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’!

※ In order to download the video ‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’ is set to make sure you download must be connected to this WiFi.

‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’ is E-Book + VOD application for toddlers who like Pororo.

Each time you read a book to help pass the bookcase upbringing.
I also listen to voice recordings directly.
Read the book to give parents more voice feels the community might be better served?
Book, as well as puzzles and coloring’m ready to break I have not even boring.
It also provides a ‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’ video that appeared Pororo and his friends through the streaming service.
‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’ will be a good gift for your children interested in meeting with Pororo.

■ Plot
Christmas Eve, Pororo and his friends are stranded in an errand of Santa caught in the flu.
Shinta was in charge of this mission is a mission to deliver a topping on lollipops country ‘cookies Castle’ Pororo and Friends ~
And winter witch to wrest back the toppings, there is a whirlwind trip started early trying to count against the chocolate world …
Pororo and watched out the Christmas hustle and tempest of friends for a delightful mess unfolds its meaning save!

■ Key Features
1. Book
– ‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’ and enjoy the story as a book with audio support, you can cycle through the recording function to read in the voice of the parents.
2. Movie
– ‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’, you can see the animation.
3. Games
– Can be a piece of the puzzle and painting.
※ When you draw using the auto brushes, align the original picture drawn automatically.
4. Setup
– Language Conversion: You can select English / Korean.
– Me to Speech: You can set the voice to read the book.
– Read the recorded voice: basic non-voice provided the narration, will read the book with the recorded voice over recording function.
– Automatic page flipping: After reading the book narrated that automatically passes the bookcase.
– Page flip effect: like a regular book makes the bookcase is beyond expression effect.

※ Installation Instructions
– ‘Pororo to the Cookie Castle’, please accept because they do not necessarily hold to download in 3G with Wi-Fi connected downloads.

Contact Us @: support@peppercon.co.kr
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