Peekaboo Surprise

Peekaboo Surprise

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Product Description

Educational App “Peekaboo Surprise!” is an amazing game for children of preschool age and under. It’s inspiring and educational at the same time.

Very cute characters such as animals, toys, and cars are hiding in little houses…

If you peek into the house you’ll find out who lives there, and you’ll get to know each character more closely. After watching a short animation the little ones will learn what sound each character makes.

Your children will know that a cow says “Moo”, a rooster sings “Cock-a-doodle-doo”, cars go “Beep, beep” and clocks go “Tick-tock”.

This game will introduce children to different animals and objects and the sounds which they make. It will help your child to develop memory, comprehension skills and increase their attention span.

Your child should be able to determine who is hiding in the house by the sound that comes from it.


60 animated characters
7 different topics
develops cognitive thinking, attention, and memories
entertaining sound effects
easy to use interface
smashing illustrations and animations
for children 1-4 years old

The game “Peekaboo Surprise!”🏠 is a wonderful opportunity to introduce little children to the world through an array of fun and entertaining sounds and pictures!