Muder – Music Sight Reading

Muder - Music Sight Reading

Muder – Music Sight Reading

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Product Description

Learn the notes and improve your Sight Reading skills with Muder! 🎵

Challenge yourself anytime anywhere, try to guess as many notes as possible in the shortest amount of time and learn to read sheet music.

Muder is fast, effective and easy to use. It lets you customize the exercise and increase the difficulty. With the base level, you can exercise only with natural notes. Then, when you will feel ready, you can include accidentals or/and key signatures, you can change clef and learn to read all the notes in every key and position. 💥⚡️

Muder lets you also track your progress efficiently. You can analyze your answers and improvements from month to month, so you can easily reach your goal and become a better musician. 📈🎷

★ Simple and beautiful material UI
★ Speed up your sight-reading
★ Customize the exercises and increase the difficulty
★ Track your progress and reach your goal