Lemegeton Master Edition

Lemegeton Master Edition


Lemegeton Master Edition

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Product Description

~Lemegeton Story~
A special agent, Sabio, of a mysterious organization, St. Guardian, is ordered to pursue a traitor, Pecador. Pecador steals St. Guadian’s vital item, Solomon Ring, and runs to the well-known Italian ghost town Craco. Sabio goes after him and encounters attacks by demons inside Craco.

In episode 2, Sabio and Noiva decided to get back to Craco. They ensure the escape path such that they can go whenever any dangerous thing happens. Noiva thinks it is worth studying to investigating the demon world. Sabio wants to find out about Pecador and Dawn. Also, he wants to truth behind everything.

~Battle System~
You play as Sabio and Dawn. You have to kill demons before they beat you. You earn experience and coins during battles. After getting some experience points, your character will level up and increase your abilities. For the coins you earn, you can make use of them for recovery items.

The control system is simple and easy. You can customize your button layout, which allows you to create the most appropriate control scheme.

~Boss Battle~
There are powerful demons inside Craco. Every time you beat a boss, you learned new skills and get new equipment. You can use new skills to reach a new area. And use equipment to upgrade your character. But demons never die, they are just sealed. They come back human world after a certain time period. You can beat them down again and again in order to get hidden items.