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Product Description

The family-friendly child’s play for pre-school age without advertising!
Playful family game for learning letters, words, and pictures.

One of the free learning games for toddlers is designed to allow older children to learn foreign languages or to grow up in a bilingual environment.

The kids learning a game that is characterized by the fact that there is no advertising in the application and complicated operation has been dispensed with.

A special feature is the ascending water bubbles with all elements of a level. The bubbles can be brought to bursting, so a lot of fun is pre-programmed. Playful learning is suitable for primary school or preschool games. Full offline capability eliminates the need for an active Internet connection during gameplay Accompany Krakel on a journey with many adventures.

There are some surprises waiting for you on your way.
You will know them when they appear.
You will be able to name them when you see them.
But the most important thing is – you will learn to spell to literally describe them.

• Can be played offline
• Colorful graphics
• Large fonts to learn alphabets & learn letters
• Good User-interface
• Clear pictures to guess words
• Child-friendly app help in their education
• Help to raise mental development
• Sound to spell words

Alone or together with your parents, you will learn how to use the alphabet in a playful way in these kids learning apps. Additionally, reading skills will also improve. If it’s too boring for you, you can prove what other languages you’ve got.

Soon you’ll be playing in a league with the big players and maybe you’ll learn something from them soon. Be ready, face the challenge and be ahead of others.