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Product Description

Time Tracker and Time Sheet for cosmonauts!

Kosmos is a time tracker (timesheet and time recording app) that makes it fun to track time spent on work, sport, education – or any other activity. Start and stop time tracking (time recording) by shooting to your own tasks. Destroy tasks when you complete them! Review daily, weekly, monthly timesheets (activity log, time log, work log, work hours).

We usually track job time with a boring timesheet. Isn’t working boring enough? Why don’t you try a cosmic work timesheet? It’s the job time page for cosmonauts (and bored employees). Don’t log office time with your paper hours tracker, or the regular (dull) mobile job hours tracker. Instead, keep your office time page as a real astronaut, with an interstellar office time tracker.

– to do list: schedule your todos, set tasks priorities, and assign tags to your activities
– get things done: enjoy destroying tasks as you complete them
– quick time tracking and time recording for any activity
– timesheet reports (daily, weekly, monthly, or any other period)
– funny and user-friendly interface (any spaceships’ lover?)
– easy to browse and edit time log (work log, activity log) (change start and end dates, descriptions, tags, durations)
– improve your skills: by completing tasks, your spaceship will upgrade

Kosmos is a great tool for people who want to track time, control, and manage it. Freelancers, self-employed, designers, developers, IT specialists, lawyers, contractors, sportsmen, athletes, people who just like sport, students, travelers… – all people who want to track time and take it under control will find this lightweight time tracker useful and funny.

As with any time tracker app, it helps you to keep track of time spent on different tasks, projects, and activities (keeping work log, time log, and activity log for your personal affairs or business tasks, meetings or sports, work, or commute). You won’t ask yourself anymore: What was I working on yesterday? last week? month? year? All you’ll need is just to search your time log (activity log, work log) for particular dates.

Kosmos can help with time management, especially when you use different kinds of reminders. It helps to track time, whether it is working hours or any other activity, in a quick and meaningful way.

Track your time, review it, analyze it, and take it under control!