Hollow Earth

Moonlight Software Studio
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Product Description

Hardcore Arcade-style space shooter that makes you wanna play it all the time.
This is a Hardcore arcade shooter type of game that you gonna test your skills.

Manage your drones strategically for sweet success.

Arcade Mode
Play endless run to make the highest score possible to become leaderboard leader while making money

Story Mode
Save the galaxy from evil and one by one kill all bosses that try to cause problems.

Boss Rush
Kill all bosses in one go without having to deal with other enemies


Ship upgrades
Upgrade your ship so you can survive on this Hardcore arcade shooter game.

Let your drones work with you in space. Careful when to activate them. They might be sleeping when you desperately need them.

Power ups
With lots of unique power-ups, you can taste the power to reach the limit.

Custom Skins
If you wanna look cool in space while shooting enemies now you can change your outfit.

Display how Hardcore a player you are to others on the leaderboard. Shoot your way to victory.

Daily Rewards
You can always return to kickstart your day with some daily rewards.

Display your hard-earned Hardcore achievements to your friends. Make them jealous.