Hexaring – Icon Pack

Hexaring - Icon Pack

Hexaring – Icon Pack

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Product Description

Hexaring is a Hexagonal icon pack with a touch of ring and flat colors.

How to apply this Hexaring hexa Icon Pack/Icon Changer ?
This icon pack supports numbers of popular launchers such as nova launcher, Evie launcher and many more. Follow these steps to apply
1. Open Hexaring hexa Icon Pack App
2. Navigate to Apply Icon Pack Screen
3. The app shows a list of launchers that are supported such as nova launcher, Evie launcher, etc. Select the nova launcher installed on your phone to apply icons from this icon pack.
4. The app will automatically apply the icons from this icon pack for nova launcher.

Note: If launcher doesn’t show while applying from the Hexaring hexa icon pack. Please try applying from the launcher itself.

Sony Xperia Home Launcher does not appear in this application, but it can apply this icon pack with different settings.

The setting for Sony Xperia :
1. Long press on the main screen
2. open the settings
3. Scroll down and open the appearance icon setting
4. choose Hexaring hexa icon pack
5. done, your Sony Xperia has applied Hexaring hexa icon pack.