Hero’s 2nd Memory


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One day when humans and monsters were living together,
Man and monster started the war in the invasion of the devil who wanted to dominate human
The monster’s power grows, and a hero appears to save human slaves.
The hero has succeeded in bringing down the devil, but he is lost the memory of the curse of the devil.
Where are the heroes…

How to play
– The main character moves in the direction of sliding left and right by touching the screen.
– The hero character only attacks while touching the screen.
– If you touch the screen, it enters Slow mode.
– Avoid attacks with potions when you lack health and avoid attacks with skills when you have a lot of monsters shot!

We have a richer volume game with over 100 hours of playtime
Each time you clear the story, you’ll see a more difficult level
Difficulty levels are in the order of Normal -> Nightmare -> Hell
If you break all these difficulty levels, you will be the master of Hero’s 2nd Memory!
* If the game ends abnormally, the data may be damaged.
* Please note that if you delete the game, save data will be also deleted
* Option > Data backup is possible

Doug Lynch

Hi! You may have seen my work at other Android publications including XDA and Phandroid, but I have branched out on my own to create content for the community. Most of my work consists of finding the best deals in the Google Play Store, creating tutorials on my YouTube channel, and curating the best applications and games on Play Store Finder.