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Super Happy Style

Super Happy Style

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Product Description

Happy Style combines an everyday app, a relaxing and energetic game, as well as something completely special, forming a new genre called “Werewolf”.

★ On the one hand, Happy Style is an application for raising your mood, ready to please you with a warm word, inspire with a wise quote and remind you of your dreams and victories.
(Remember – you are the Best. You can achieve anything!)

★ But also Happy Style is a unique game with relaxing and exciting gameplay that uses your kind words, dreams, achievements, wisdom, and even… complete nonsense.

★ There is another layer. The way to it is through _HACKING Happy Style in search of the Eternity Administrator’s Room lost in time…

The gameplay is based on relaxing finger movements on the touch screen.

The idea arose as a result of a small observation: in nervous moments, people often try to get distracted by something, to find aimless work for their hands. For example, turn pages on the phone screen. This helps to overcome stress a little.

One-half of the levels are designed to relieve stress and improve mood. Just move your finger across the screen and get warm words, inspirational quotes, and reminders of your dreams and achievements!

Other levels – Severe Arcade Challenges. The path to victory in them is through dexterity and ingenuity in the fight against the mysterious FoodMemes who decided to seize the Yummy Federation.

Making your way through the campaign, you will discover an amazing story – completely alien and at the same time Your Story.

And in the game, there are a lot of different fruits and their lovers – Incredible FoodMemes.