Gun Rage

JustinGeorge Studio
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Product Description

Fantastic game features:
– Customizable Weapon System – You can do the wildest gun modifications! Pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and assault rifles are all available! Prepare the deadliest weapon for the next robbery of the bank!

Transform the guns and replace them with top sights, silencers, grips, barrels, butts, and camouflage! All of this will affect the performance of the weapon.

– Mission Map – Dynamic mission database and battle maps, identifying gangsters and weapons with low-security levels, for you to choose the goal to save today!
– Dynamic Scenes – Get ready to start a thrilling journey! In this third-person online shooting game, each bank shooting challenge is unique. Each scene is different, depending on your movements and shooting skills.
– Strengthen your character – build your own traits! Want to be a killer clown? Or a qualified special warrior? Still, want to be a gangster? Win a complete set of masks, bulletproof vests, and cool outfits. High-definition 3D graphics and immersive plot design make this third-person shooter an exciting shootout!

Gun Rage is one of the most intense third-person online shooting games. Unlike first-person shooters, your perspective is limited to the barrel. The shots in the third-person shooter will rotate around the character, making you feel like you are the savior!

Pick up the equipment. There are tasks.