Graphie – EXIF editor

Graphie - EXIF editor

Graphie – EXIF editor

Pavel Rekun
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Product Description

Graphie is a tool for advanced management of your images, including changing metadata, extracting colors, finding shoot location, and much more!

Management of EXIF
Graphie allows you to easily change the most popular EXIF tags of any images manually (entering data for changes each time) or using pre-collected parameters. Easily clear all tags with the click of a button.

Even more options
For all designers and ordinary users, the ability to extract colors and search for the location on which the shooting took place is also available. Extract vibrant (dark and light) and muted (dark and light) colors with ease.

Detailed statistics
Collect detailed statistics about all your images, which include filtering by ISO, Aperture, Color space, and much more. After that, you can search and view images by many criteria.