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Product Description

G’Luck is a 2D platformer game is relatively humdrum and you may be frustrated by it. In addition, the duration of this game may seem very short and it could frustrate you even more. That said, here are the highlights of this game:

No Bluetooth controller compatibility and no gamepad compatibility. Designed to be played on a vertical screen. Only 3 buttons: Left, Right, and Jump. Automated camera movements could make you seasick.

Avoid junk food or acid will burn you to death and you’ll restart the level from the beginning. Avoid enemies and traps that will return you to the last checkpoint. Master changes in gravity, teleports, and low-velocity surfaces.

Reach the electronic heart to unlock the next level.

Collect the bronze, silver, and gold tickets as well as the apple coin.

3 unique and original worlds. 8 levels designed by hand in each world + 1 race against the clock in a unique and original level at the end of each world. The game contains 27 levels.

You can’t attack and enemies are only patrolling! Well, we certainly shouldn’t be announcing it as a feature because it’s probably not a good selling point…

No ads and no in-app purchase. Play it offline and play it solo. This game is sold at a fairly low price and we invite you to watch the periodic promotional sales in order to download it at a lower price or maybe even for free.