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Gamepad TouchMapper

Gamepad TouchMapper

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Product Description

Normally it’s not possible to play touch-based games with a gamepad/joystick without root, but this app makes it possible with an Arduino Leonardo, Mirco, ProMicro or Beetle 32u4. The special thing about it: this app is working without root, without hacks, without to activate the developer options menu, without to give that app all android system permissions that exist, and without a PC (Client/Server).

What you need to play:

– USB PS4/PS3 Dualshock/Sixaxis or USB XBox One Controller + USB Cable (no Bluetooth)
– Arduino Board: Micro, ProMicro, Leonardo or Beetle 32u4 USB Stick
– USB OTG Cable + USB Hub

How to use (please stop other running TouchMapper Background Services):

1. Start the App (you will see nothing, TouchMapper Service is running in the background)
2. Connect the Arduino Board with the USB Hub (ack USB permissions: on some devices you have to press “OK” quick!)
3. Connect the Gamepad with the USB Hub (ack USB permissions, then you will see the Menu)

(when you open the app for the first time: Go to “Settings” with the left gamepad stick or DPAD and map a gamepad button as “Function” button, then map the functions: “Menu”, “Touch Editor”, “Switch Touch/Mouse” and “Switch Mapper Off” with other buttons. Go back, then close the Menu -> press buttons: “Function” + “Menu” )

4. Start a game and press the Gamepad Buttons: “Function” + “Menu”, now you can add some Touch-Items on the game screen, or load/save/share and download touch settings for each game (if available). Close the menu.

Ready to play.

Notice: This app does not require any developer options, also no hacks/root, no SuperSU. It doesn’t change the Android system.