Dragon Slayer

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Product Description

Is you’re heart brave enough for the adventure that lies ahead?

if so then we beg of you to save our lands from the evil fire lords
rule who has a giant dragon under his control.

Slay thousands of monsters, restore the lands to they’re rightful owners and collect taxes from them.

Are you skilled enough to become the next dragon slayer?

Take a step forward brave hero and show us what you are made of.

What do we offer?

* An unique gaming experience.
* No dungeon energy, it’s unlimited.
* Custom battle system and auto-battle.
* Diamond rewards.
* Unique boss mode where you can slay the bosses you have already defeated but for more better prizes.
* The Wave mode where you have to kill thousands of monsters to earn tons of prizes.
* Huge amounts of game content.
* Constant updates.
* Earn legendary achievements and huge prizes.
* A huge variety of heroes and gear to choose from.
* Collect all of the most powerful gods.
* i.o Game
* Indie Game

Updates planning to come?
* An unique PVP system and tons of more updates.