Counter Terrorist Agency

Counter Terrorist Agency

Counter Terrorist Agency

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Product Description

Counter Terrorist Agency is a combination of real-time strategy and manager/simulation game.

Use modern invigilation techniques, gather information, search for important members of terrorist networks, and prevent devastating attacks. Decide who should be spied on and who should be neutralized. Discover Islamic World Caliphate cells all over the world. Fight far-right terrorism in the United States and Europe. Uncover hidden truth about dangerous sects planning to take over the world. Some of the decisions will be tough, but you have to act surely and quickly. Terrorism never sleeps.


In CTA your task will be to manage the most modern organization, fight international terrorism, and prevent attacks all over the world. Use modern invigilation techniques, discover connections, listen to suspicious phone calls, read private conversations, interrogate suspects, eliminate threats, and dismantle terrorist networks.

☆ Listen to realistic phone calls and decide who should be taken under investigation. Be
careful though cause people are innocent till proven guilty.
☆ Read and analyze captured suspicious emails, SMS, web talks, etc. Having your base on
keywords, content, and context, decide, react…or not. Assault on privacy?
☆ As the head of the agency, sometimes you will be forced to make moral decisions. Will
you be able to sacrifice what it takes to prevent the final attack? Do not let yourself be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea.
☆ Upgrade your intel and strike units with experience points. Gain new useful abilities to
become even more effective.