Baby’s Shape Puzzle

Baby's Shape Puzzle

Baby’s Shape Puzzle

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Product Description

No ads, no in-app products, playable without internet, no annoying push notifications.

Baby’s Shape Puzzle is a playful way of learning forms for toddlers and pre-school children.

In each puzzle round, 5 shapes must be assigned to the corresponding shadow. After each round, there’s a random additional mini-tapping-game.
Continuous gameplay enjoyment guaranteed through many different shapes and randomly generated puzzles.

Shape Puzzle supports the development of your child and helps to improve attention, logical thinking, memory, cognitive skills, and fine motor skills.

Shape Puzzle is individually adjustable via the options menu. It is also possible to set individual background types, shapes to be included in the puzzle, as well as snapping distance of the shapes to adjust the difficulty of the game.

Written language was basically dispensed with. All symbols are self-explanatory, meaning that Shape Puzzle can be used multilingual.

– 5 shape types: geoforms, numbers, and letters, animal heads, fruits and vegetables, toys
– 358 different shapes
– 7 mini-games in the form of stars, balloons, race cars, paint water balloons, pinatas, firework rockets or spaceships
– 3 background types

Before buying this app, there’s a free demo version “Baby’s Shape Puzzle Lite” for you to try out, also to prevent any sort of compatibility issues.

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