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Slacken cares of parenthood for a moment and get your child acquainted with piano music accompanied by sounds of various domestic animals. Entertain the young musician with an octet of singing cats. With the colourful and absorbing game Baby Zoo Piano, teaching the whole octave of notes to children is a genuine joy!

Features and Advantages of the Game:

– The app will introduce the incredible realm of music to your son or daughter, presenting three claviers with eight colorful keys each for kids to have different piano lessons within one game.

– The game acquaints toddlers with a number of domestic animals and the sounds they produce. These include: cat, dog, donkey, wolf, duck, cow, goat and parrot.

– Children of kindergarten age will particularly benefit by the game as it contributes greatly to the development of fine motor skills, imagination and memory.

– A jingling demo melody is included, as well as a record and play back feature for young pianists to capture every genuine creation and show it to the parents.

– The game is bright and colourful, while its interface is intuitive and easy to cope with for any young child beyond the newborn period.

How to Play:

– Choose one of the three bubbles on the main screen leading to three different keyboards.

– Upon going through the pink portal, the child will see an eight-keyed piano in rainbow colors waiting to be played. The ordinary tones produced by each key are clear and distinct, ranging from Do to Do. The names of notes are indicated above the keyboard for pre-school children to know how they are spelled. The mid-day blue sky and a tree branch as the background together with a couple of bees flying here, there and everywhere create a light, genuine and engaging atmosphere.

– The green bubble will bring the kid and their parents before a fence with a bunch of sister cats representing the octave. Touch one bottom plank for the cat to jump and go meow, swipe to hear a tune of differently pitched voices. The kitties are distinguished not only by tonality; each has very own emotions, body type and coat pattern – it will by fun to your young musician to study the peculiarities of all and sundry.

– The instrument behind the yellow bubble is topped with a range of animals: cat, dog, donkey, wolf, duck, cow, goat and parrot. Therefore, swiping across the row of keys will deliver a cacophony of discordant animal screeches, which can however be harmonized by turning on the jingling demo melody.

– Masterpieces want being captured, so the game includes a record and play back feature available on any of the three screens.

Baby Zoo Piano is a fantastic music game for toddlers, suitable for both boys and girls. It combines entertainment and education components, allowing the child to learn basics of the musical art in a playful manner. One of the best piano games, Baby Zoo Piano is a genuine decision for parents whose child is too young for a real baby grand piano.

Nature is full of melody, and your child will get to the bottom of it, given the opportunity to create and perform music with the help of natural sounds, such as wolf howling, cow lowing, etc.

With Baby Zoo Piano, you will have a while to put aside the grand burden of parenthood to take a rest and relax, safe in the knowledge that your young musician is not just playing a game, but improving his or her memory, fine motor skills and imagination, as well as developing love of nature and beauty.

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