Work in Progress

These lists are actively being worked on with new applications added all the time.



While helpful in a way, Google’s Top Charts can be rather useless for a number of different reasons. Sometimes the lists become stale because they don’t change very often. Sometimes you have half the list filled with one particular style of app(like Solitaire games filling up most of the free card game list).

Then there are some applications and games that are still phenomenal even though they never gain enough downloads to make it to the top of the charts. So here, in the Best Apps lists, you’ll find applications and games that are a cut above the rest.

Applications and games in these lists are the best of the best. Apps can be added because they are actually in the top charts list, because they are apps or games that I enjoy, have a great rating, solid reviews, are unique and a great value, or because they are developed by some of the best developers in the Google Play Store.

If you know of an application or game that you would like to see in one of the lists below, please feel free to contact me to suggest it.

I am also going to be using custom tags to let you view the best of a specific type of application. This can be themes, icon packs, wallpaper apps, etc.