The Moment: Temple of Time

The Moment: Temple of Time

The Moment: Temple of Time

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Product Description

The Moment: the Temple of Time

[ Warning ]
– supports English, Japanese, and Korean.
– Voice only supports Korean.

[ Story ]
Everything is running out of time.
It is said to be caused by Cronus at the top of the temple of time.

But to meet Cronus, you have to get over the ordeal of time.
And only those who handle time can get through the ordeal.

If you don’t deserve it, you’ll wander around the temple of time forever.

– Purchase a package without additional billing
– All data from the game is stored within the device, and when you delete the game, the data is deleted as well. In-game options, click the Save Google Cloud Services button to back up.
– App players are compatible with “Bluestack.” No other app players are compatible.