Sword Knights: Dragon Hunter

Sword Knights: Dragon Hunter

Sword Knights: Dragon Hunter

Honeydew 1853
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Product Description

★ Paid version Benefits ★
▶Automatic repair of durability! (Repair Kit Unlimited)
▶Additional daily attendance reward!

This time is a dragon !!!
The powerful dragon is back.

[Various simultaneously-proceeded dungeons]
▶Proceed five dungeons at the same time, Idle Game RPG!!
▶Show characteristic dragons by each dungeon!
▶Find weak points and set up equipment and heroes!

[Easy and fun to improve equipment]
▶Strengthen and combine pouring equipment!
▶Acquire and improve legendary equipment!
▶Feel the powerfulness immediately after strengthening and combining

[Be strong with your own village]
▶Develop your own village differently from others
▶Raise the capability of your own village to your taste!
▶Let’s find rapidly-strengthening shortcuts!

[Collect various heroes]
▶Collect various types of heroes and others with diverse abilities!
▶Place them to suit equipment and dungeons!

[Acquire legendary equipment]
▶If you collect the required materials, there are definitely-obtainable legendary equipment!
▶Be the first to acquire the nice and powerful equipment!

[Let’s go for the first place]
▶Various ranking systems anyone can easily enjoy!
▶Who is the winner?! Let’s challenge right now!