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Product Description

Simulate Police (Cop), Firetruck (Firefighter), Emergency flashing lights and police sirens. Extra light models with different colors and length. At that point, the amusement siren sounds DPS police flasher sound test system for you. Turn on the siren flasher sound – clean the city of the brigands. The amusement has different authority vehicles, with various sound sirens and blazing lights. To incorporate police lights or a glimmering machine reference point – tap on the siren and again to turn it off. You can put the telephone with glimmering lights on any auto and in this way transforming it into an extraordinary auto, with exceptional lights.

Lights (Strobes):
•11 Police (Cop)
•2 Ambulance
•2 Fire truck (Firefighter)
•4 Music Lights

Total 5 sirens

NEW! Editor

You can use it:
*Use as alarm siren.
*Use it as a flashlight
*Use it as decoration on holidays such as Christmas, new year, Halloween, etc.

You can use lights as music led strobe:
* Use it at electropop music concerts as disco lights.
* Use it at hip hop, electro swing dance, house, rock, and electronic music concerts

Police Lights 2 is the Free Ultimate Application for anyone who is looking for the Best Police Lights Effects and Sirens Sounds.
Please share with us in review, what you want to see in our app.

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