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Product Description

Modoku is an indie game based on the classic sudoku game rules, but in a new thematic board and mechanics, easy to play and challenging at the same time! Ideal to play with your family or in casual moments.

Think fast and move the naughty rabbits before they escape and puzzle your sudoku strategy! Get their positions right and celebrate with shiny stars!

Experiment the boosters and have fun with kicking flamingos, rabbits eating carrots, and taking a break with the cup of tea.

Play alone or rank among the best in the world!

Win boosters as prizes for finishing matches or buy them to accelerate the progress.

Challenge your logic and reflexes, the fewer movements and time it takes, the higher the score!


– Enchanting artwork;
– Various difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard and very hard;
– Sudoku rules;
– 9×9 grid with 3×3 boxes;
– Thousands of daily puzzles to solve and train your brain.
– Unique boosters:
– Flamingo: kicks the rabbit back to the grid
– Tea: slows down the clock
– Carrot: prevents the rabbit from escaping the grid
– Get experience with every match and level up;
– Ranking system;
– Works offline.

How to Play

– Swap the rabbits’ positions by dragging one above the other to rearrange the grid. Just like the classic sudoku game, there can’t be repeated rabbits in the same row, column, or box!
– If a rabbit escapes from the grid, drag it back, or use the flamingo to kick it to its original position.
– Use the cup of tea to slow down the clock and prevent the rabbits from escaping.
– Pin the rabbits’ positions giving them a carrot.
– Move the fewer amount of rabbits in the less time possible to increase the final score.