Cult Manager Tycoon

Cult Manager Tycoon

Cult Manager Tycoon

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Product Description

Lead your cultists in a satirical cult tycoon game. Manage resources such as Mojo, Money, and Legitimacy, and choose Holidays and Revelation Passages to keep your followers Devoted.

The better your Revelation each round, the more followers you Convert. This means more Donations and the chance for better classes of worshipers that increase your Legitimacy.

Achieve 100% Legitimacy for one of three possible endings!

Please note: This game is in ENGLISH ONLY and is not recommended for non-fluent speakers.

If you have any feedback or want to report a bug, you can reach us by email [email protected] or on Instagram or Facebook.

Gameplay features
– Complete Mission Goals for rewards
– Hire, Actualize, and Equip staff
– Unlock and use special arcane Tech
– Plagiarize other faiths
– Make Choices that have immediate consequences
– Have Visions and perform Miracles

Proselytize for converts, preach to your worshipers, Actualize Hosts, perform Miracles, become a political power, found your own fiefdom, become a living god!

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