Chicken Tournament

Chicken Tournament

Chicken Tournament

Sascha Hlusiak
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Product Description

Chicken Tournament for Android
CT is a classic first-person shooter for Android, about the ancient and everlasting conflict between chicken and farmer. The farmer can choose between one of four weapons: harvester, garden claw, plasma cannon, and golf club. Beware of chicken that throws eggs at you.

Hen houses are the chickens’ refuge: while inside they cannot be harmed but also can’t attack. Farmers have no access to the henhouse. The farmer can collect health packs to refresh energy but items can’t be collected while driving the harvester. Chicken can collect egg packs to get more eggs to throw at you and they can fly.

• touch the right half of the screen to look around
• touch the left half of the screen to move forward/backward/sideways
• the harvester can be controlled using the accelerometer or an on-screen steering wheel. Tap the pedal for reverse, tap screen to honk.
• tap to shoot, tap twice to hold (golf club, garden claw)
• press green button to eject weapon or exit the harvester
• you can lock the D-Pad to walk all the time
• use the D-Pad or the device sensors to fly the chicken.
• basic support for keyboard (WASD, arrow keys) and mouse

Instant Harvest:
• immediately hop into the harvester and off you go!

• new chickens are spawning all the time in the hen houses. Try to survive as long as possible, once you die the game is over.

• gain experience points for killed chicken
• on level-up increase the stats of your hero
• collect hats for extra bonus stats
• when you die, you drop your hat and loose experience

• freestyle game with a constant number of respawning enemies and items. Try to not die so often.
• lots of parameters.

Capture the Egg:
• the chicken will try to get appearing egg boxes and carry them to the hen house.
• collect the box first to score, or stop the chicken before they reach the hen house.